Why Do I Train? – Carol

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Why do I train? – Carol

Carol is one of my regular personal training clients, training 2-3 times per week and has been for the last few months.  Here is her story –

Well….. about 9 months ago I volunteered on a charity give and gain day which involved fairly strenuous physical work, I did my best but felt limited in my strength and decided I needed to do something. Then, as I was driving one day I found myself behind a transit van advertising a personal trainer. So I thought I’d have a google to see who was out there, convenient to where I work , flexible in respect of appointment times and generally would be a place I’d feel comfortable. Why a PT? Well I know myself well enough now to know that I would need supervising and I didn’t want to have to remember a gym programme or be confined and bored by a programme and knew that if I made specific arrangements I would turn up.

So here I am, still turning up and feeling physically stronger or less weak at least. It has also been part of a variety of things I have been doing to help me grow stronger mentally. This has been important in my life and not something I feel able to put into words, nor is this blog about bearing my soul. Suffice it to say I have experienced the worse possible loss in my life and I’m still here  batting on ……and a little less wobbly….

Thanks for this Carol, you really are improving on a weekly basis, plus you bring me food and coffee which makes you one of my favourite clients instantly!!