Why Do I Train – Ami

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Why Do I Train? – Ami

I’ve been working out on and off since the age of 19. I was fortunate at this time to be naturally active through my jobs so at this point in time I didn’t focus on training too much. If I got a workout in that was great but if not I didn’t really notice or care too much. The joys of being young and having a nice active metabolism.
When I was 28 I married my husband and moved to England from the US. This is when things changed drastically for me with regards to my weight and training. I used the excuse of being in a wholly unfamiliar environment (something that I have actually experienced many times), not having transportation and just enjoying being newly married and just spending time with my husband and in-laws as reasons to not work out. I did this for close to four years. I also got my first full time desk job. You know what happened? I gained close to 40 lbs. Yay.
By this point we lived in Manchester and a gym opened up across the street from us. We joined the gym and I actually did go. I only did cardio though, running, elliptical and the rowing machine. I ran the Bupa 10k runs and told myself I was doing great. The only thing I was doing besides feeling active was not putting weight on. It was a win in a way but not great.
Two years after this we moved back to the US and I swore I was going to hit the trails and work out regularly and get back to healthy body. I totally didn’t. I even lived right next to a running trail. I ran (please read jogged/walked) 5ks to half marathons almost every month for a few years but they were literally the only workouts I was getting in.
One night I weighed myself and realized I had now gained another 25 lbs. I was now on the cusp of weighing 200 lbs. I knew I was gaining weight but never realized truly how bad it was getting. I’m only 5’3″. That’s a lot of weight on a little frame. That’s also a good chance of being diabetic. This was bad.
I decided to go to my doctor and get a general check up after this. Yup, I was a point away from being pre-diabetic, my blood pressure was a little high and oh yeah I was short and weighed in the 190’s. I realized I needed to change my ways. I wasn’t 19 anymore and my job now involves sitting behind a desk. I doubt I even walked 5,000 steps a day.
This was a painful slap in the face about how much I’d let my health down. I didn’t immediately start just working out every day and eating right but over the course of a year or so I started changing my eating habits and my workouts are more regular. I’ve discovered at home videos that incorporate weight training and I’m getting back into running regularly. In the course of three months I have managed to lose 25 lbs. I still have a ways to go but I’m on the right road.
Thanks for doing this Ami, really appreciate it!!

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