Ever thought about being a Personal Trainer, or wondered how on earth I manage to fill my days??  Well today is your lucky day.  I am giving you an exclusive back stage pass into the life of a Personal Trainer (that makes me sound far more important than I actually am but i’m gonna roll with it!!).

So my day usually starts at 5.50am when the alarm goes off and I am usually wishing I could stay in bed!!  From there it is up, quick shower and downstairs to make a nice strong coffee for the journey in.  I leave home at around 6.15am and arrive in Manchester at 6.45am ish and head over to the studio.  From here on in I am going to take you through my day on Tuesday 20th Jan.

7am is my first appointment and at the moment 4 times a week it is a gentleman preparing for his wedding and trying to increase his bulk.  Today was a pull session involving pull ups, bench rows, upright rows, reverse flye, curls and plenty of core just for good measure!

I then had a gap of around 90 minutes, perfect amount of time to get a quick breakfast, a nutriblast, before going over the sessions I have planned for the rest of the day.

My 9.30 is a gentleman who is looking to lose a little bit of weight and increase his fitness levels.  The session we did was interval based and was a combination of bodyweight and cardio based exercises.

I then had another 90 minute gap, perfect for lifting!!!  Today is back and biceps so plenty of pull ups!!!!

My 12 o’clock was also someone looking to bulk and today was push day!! Bench press, dip, push press and press ups a plenty!!

My 1pm was a lady who is looking to increase her overall fitness and strength.  The session involved a combination of body weight exercises interspersed with core and cardio exercise.

I then had one of my longer gaps, 4hrs!! It started with a brisk 5k row then there was plenty of time for marketing and session planning for tomorrow followed by a little bit of lunch!

6pm was a bloke I have been training for just over 12 months and his goals are currently to lose weight and reduce body fat.  The session involved plenty of high intensity intervals of cardio and body weight exercises.

7pm was my final session of the day and it was a lady who has trained with me for a while now who struggles with her weight but also a troublesome lower back.  The session involved some interval training, back strengthening exercises and plenty of stretches.

I left the studio at 8pm and headed back to the car for the drive home. I arrived home at about 8.45 to a lovely home cooked meal of beef chilli, before packing my backs ready for tomorrow.

This was probably about an average day for me with 6 PT sessions split over a 13hr period.  Yes they are long days, but the fact that I am doing something I love and am really making a difference to people lives makes it all worth it.

There aren’t many people who can say that they genuinely enjoy their jobs, but I am one of them!!

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